All works © 2018 MEAGHAN FENNESSY KEELEY . All rights reserved.

"ColorWorks on canvas, paper and wood."

Its All About The Process : moving , scraping, scrubbing, melting, overlapping and blending of mediums onto and around the surface"  

" Playing on the Surface "  

- mfk -







  • Art House Charlotte, Summer Show  2018,  Charlotte, NC 
  • Art House Charlotte, Art Crush , Winter 2018,  Charlotte, NC
  • Art House Charlotte, Spring 2017, Charlotte, NC
  • Art House Charlotte, September, 2017, Charlotte, NC 
  • Art House Charlotte, Spring/Summer Show, 2016, Charlotte, NC 
  • JWV Artists Charlotte in Bloom,  April 8, 2016 @ The Frock Shop, Charlotte, NC,
  • Galleria 360, Florence , Italy, "Arte Donna ", March 2016
  • JWV Artists Pop Up Show, Charlotte, NC,  February 2016
  • JWV Artists Winter Show, Charlotte, NC,  November 2015
  • Galleria 360, Florence , Italy, "Colors of the Soul ", November - December 2014
  • Galleria 360 @ Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi , March 2014 - March 2015
  • JWV Artists Spring Show, Charlotte, NC,  March 2014
  • Galleria 360, Florence , Italy, "Summer Art Florence", June  - July , 2013 and thru their permanent collection
  • Christs Church, Charlotte, NC "Collective Artist Show September 2014 "
  • Sundae Art Gallery, Concord, NC , Summer 2013 thru Spring 2014
  • Agora Gallery, NY,NY, "The Essence of Abstraction" Collective Show, March 2013
  • JWV Artists Spring Show, Charlotte, NC,  March 2013
  • Red Sky Gallery, Charlotte ,NC " Braitman Studio Artists' Juried Exhibition", January / February 2013
  • Senor Tequila's Restaurante, Charlotte, NC (commercial space) 2011- 2012


  • Artist in Residence with the Braitman Studio, Charlotte, NC , Spring 2012    
  • Teacher: Assistant to Fundamentals class, Braitman Studio, Spring 2012 - Fall 2012
  • Present Student: Charlotte Zweber (figure work)
  • Past Student: Susan Matthews, Charlotte, NC (color palette)                
  • Past Student:  The Foundry, Charlotte, NC  (bronze sculpture techniques)  
  • Past Student: Vaino Kola (printmaking, figure drawing and painting)
  • Past Student: Nancy Helfant (sculpture techniques of clay, wire and found objects) 
  • Degree: B.A. Art History(studio art), Wheaton College, Norton, MA



  • AHA Fine Arts Hall of Fame Honoree, The Academy of the Holy Angels, Demarest, NJ , October  2018 
  • Braitman Studio ( figure class), Painting of the Month, October 2015 
  • Charlotte Talent Magazine, February 1st, 2013 (on line publication)
  • ARTisSpectrum , The Chelsea Perspective, Volume 28 , November 2012, (page 82)

Work Background:

  • mfk designs, inc. ( art and floorcloth design company) 2005-2010
  • Gardner- Moross   Inc., NY, NY and Charlotte, NC (floorcloth design company)1992-1994        
  • John Lewis, Inc. Boston, MA ( jewelry designer) 1988-1990
  • Edith Schroeder Restoration, Gloucester, MA 1987-1988 (art restoration apprentice)


Artist's Story:

Diving straight into abstract painting, with the guidance of acclaimed artist Andy Braitman, Meaghan is working in mixed media. Thriving on the larger canvas and its capacity for drama and viewer interaction , she is experimenting with pastels, oils , acrylics,  charcoal and  the encaustic application. She is coming alive and truly enjoying her dialogue with the surface of the canvas. Meaghan's strong element of line and architectural shapes and her fascination with surface interplay, has truly brought her latest pieces to life.  Her build up of  texture and media play, adds a beautiful depth and intrigue to her work. 

A former floorcloth artisan, Meaghan has experimented in mixed media and collage techniques using canvas as the building block to create positive and negative space relations. Primary colors and bold lines bring out the full potential of the large canvases from which she worked.  Shapes ebb and flows across the foreground creating both positive and negative space and a sense of depth and weight to her images.