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Meaghan Fennessy Keeley

I am a mixed media artist.

In my studio I am surrounded by canvases, paints, papers, blow torches, Heat guns, brushes, plaster, wax and differing mediums to give me all the possibilities of expressiveness and imagination. 

My canvases are usually large and square. 

The square shape sets the rhythm for my design work. The interplay of various mediums, such as acrylics, oils, soft pastels, oil pastels, plaster and the use of charcoal are often combined with heated wax. they are my tools of play.

My process is design oriented with a process of creative blurts. Usually there is no preconceived plan. I use my hands, palette knife, brayer and large brushes and let the uninhibited process of paint and medium application take over. 

My journey is the process. My subject matter is design layout and surface interest.

My Happy Flowers Series & Truck Series paintings focus on the Truck & Flower as a “monoprint type” iconic image. The series keeps evolving and changing depending on the canvas size and color palette I choose.  The Truck/Flower is my “Still Life “painting.

My passion is playing on the surface : mixing and experimenting with different mediums; combined with the use a fresh gestural/blurt  applications .

Through mistakes and experimentation comes fabulous brilliance and growth .


“My art is all about the emotional, creative connection I have with the materials and the canvas; this process truly makes me feel in the moment and its so fun!"                  

"playing on the surface "

"It's all about the process and the blurts "




Personal note :

Meaghan has battled both Hodgkins Lymphoma and most recently, Breast Cancer in 2017. With her fabulous  family behind her , she is thriving and back in her studio.